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sean: that has all the time we have enough for our panel, and now we toss it to greta van susteren who is standing by to go on the record. greta: tonight,fishy? if there is something fishy about you, we should report to the government, and if you oppose health-care reform, you might be part of an angry mob. do not believe it? we will show you a exactly what we mean. plus, rush limbaugh may not be a mob, but he is angry. the radio powerhouse says something very powerful is brewing across the country. better look out. then, it is unbelievable. average americans -- that is us -- getting bamboozled. big corporate weasels law and cheap, and who pays the price? hereç is a hit. -- big corporate weasels liw and
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e and cheat. and one of the release to journalists in her own words. -- here is a hit. and passionate voters voicing their objections -- here is a hit -- hint. the dnc has another word for the protesters. "angry mob." >> they lost the election. they lost on the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care. they have lost the confidence of the american people after eight years of failed policies that were when their economy and cost millions of jobs. now, rush limbaugh and the others have the same goal to distort president obama and stop the change americans voted for
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overwhelmingly in november. >> it will break camp. >> i hope he fails. >> -- it will break him. >> they have no desire to move the country forward, so they have called out the mob. call the republican party. tell them you have had enough with the mob. the democratic national committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. greta: here is a shocker. well, maybe it is not a shocker. rush limbaugh does not agree with this advertisement. >> this is a man who ran as a unifier, and he has now resorted nothing more to thanç a raw political campaign against a majority of the american people who oppose him. the president of the united states is running ads referring
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to 52% of the americanç peoples a mob. this is beneath the dignity of the white house. it is typical of the democratic party, but it is beneath the dignity of the oval office, the dnc ad bought and paid for, by the way, by union sector bosses and their allies. that is who is paid by. and this is an advertisement sanctioned by president obama, run by the democratic national committee, attacking american citizens, july 23, 2007, barack obama saying it was a qualification to be president to be a community organizer, and now his white house and his party is attacking communities of americans, organized and a wise, and are you kidding me? -- organized and otherwise.
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this is the sum total of his career, other than 150 days in the senate. this is what barack obama said was the best education he ever had, whichç was community organizing for acorn, for the public good, a public service, and now he is winding down people who have grievances? of course. -- he is swatting down people who have grievancesç? they are convincing you that the people are not boiling over with contempt for what is being attempted here, and if you allow yourself to be convinced by this propaganda put out by your party and your president and david axelrod and rahm emanuel, you will pay the ultimate political price. i promise you, you will. you have no idea what is simmering across the heartlands of this country. and is rank, pure opposition to
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what this president is attempting to do to this nation's economy and people's health care. greta: the white house insists there is a disinformation campaign meant to stop the president's health-care campaign. on a white house block, they give an email address where people can report "fishy" speach. jon corzine writes in a letter to the president, in part, "i am not aware of any president to report their fellow citizens to the white house for pure political speech that is deemed "fishy" -- john corn and. --ç
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>> good for him. they are organized by information that they are getting, not disinformation, real information. what is in the bill, the things barack obama actually did not know about. it is actually in the bill. people are reading the bill. they do not like it. i have watched probably seven or eight youtube videos from these congressional town-hall meetings, and these are folks -- there are a lot of people who are seniors. the seniors recognize that the democratic bill calls for half of $1 trillion in medicare cuts. what they realize is that what you're talking about is taking away from them choices about medicare, and one of the most compelling youtube videos that i saw was dealing with the congressman from minnesota who stood up and said, "my father
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has a very bad cancer and as a 15% survival. he is at the mayo clinic. we may lose the farm -- has a 15% survival." and they said that they cannot get theç drugs and other countries, and there is one thing worse than losing the farm, and that is losing your dad. that is the kind of passion you are seeing. these are americans to know we do not have a perfect health- care system, but we cannot lose what we have, and obama will take it away from us. greta: there is debateç about this health-care bill and whether anybody will read it and the other important issues. i am surprised that the president and the staff would bet anything go out that would show it gets under his skin. i mean, protesters. the first amendment is so important. to say "fishy," it seems it got him into his skin.
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>> i saw you at a clip of the town hall meeting with arlen specter. i have had many town hall meetings in pittsburgh. never have i seen a town hall meeting like that. these were not orchestrated folks. i am telling you. these are real folks, and these are not angry mobs, and for the dnc to call them that he is a slap in the face of ordinary americans, whether you agree with obama or not, and to put a kgb-like operation in place to report citizens who abeç saying bad things about the president -- greta: not threatening, just things about the bill. >> if you are saying things about what the president's bill is about and in most cases probably telling the truth, unlike what they are doing, you are probably going to be reported to the white house. that is not good. çgreta: senator claire mccaskil tweeted.
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she says she disagrees with the people showing concern being not regular folks. she is backing off. >> here is my prediction. very few town meetings between now and the end of this month. i think you will see the democrats pull the plug on town meetings and for them to go away. greta: this is a recess, but this is late-breaking news in our business. you work anyway. when you have breaking news, i am in this chair anyway. we went to the cleveland clinic yesterday. they should be talking to doctors. they should be really hustling and learning stuff. >> they have seen the youtube videos. i guarantee you, they are going to hide. today's news, yesterday's news, all of this news going on right now is not helping barack obama,
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and i am telling you. the white house is going to say ," , pull the plug on these meetings, or make sure you have the right people therea' -- the white us is going to say, "pull the plug on these meetings or make sure you have the right people there." greta: i think they should be pounding the pavement,ç looking to see what works. we went to the cleveland clinic to see what works. do your homework. >> we know what reforms are out there necessary to make change. this is not what obama isç abo. he is not about reforming the system. it is about taking government control of the health-care system. that is what this is about. it is not about fixing the system. i will give you one great example. medicare. there is one part of medicare called medicare advantage of that is private sector, a
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managed-care program, and seniors can have a completely private-sector experience, and medicare, he wants to shut it down. i am telling you, he wants to pull it over into a government- run plant where he can control health care. greta: it is alienating the american people, and when they are protesting to insult them, i think it will backfire on them. >> it is backfiring on them. greta: thank you. coming up, a doctor treated president obama for 20 years. does he support his former patients health-care plan? this may surprise you -- his former patient's health-care plan? and get at your hand mirror and take a good luck. this report will set you on fire. i guarantee it. tools are uncomplicated?
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greta: we know what the politicians want, but are they oeing straight with us? yesterday, we went to the cleveland clinic to ask questions, and tonight, a real doctor, not a lobbyist, and he is seeing. he was president obama's doctor for 20 years. doctor, we are trying to figure out what this plan is. what are your thoughts? do you like what we know about the president's proposed plan and of democrats on capitol hill? >> no, i do not think it is adequate. this is not what is going to fix the system. just a few comments about our health system, in case people think our system is not broken. the united states ranks 37 in the world and health statistics. slovenia is ahead of us. we spent twice as much as the
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nearest competitor but yet we rank 37. we have over 50 million you are not insured, probably another 10 million or 20 million who are underinsured korea i do not think this could be considered a system that is working well. the other thing is this attack on medicare as government-run madison. in the 40 years i have been practicing, medicare has never, i repeat, never interfered with my ability to take care of a patient. private insurance interferes with the almost on a daily basis. it is extraordinarily interested. çgreta: you are a rather unusul doctor. you still make house calls. the old-fashioned kind, and i say that with nothing but admiration, the old-fashioned kind. i canç never imagine that medicare would ever interfere, because if you are a guy who makes house calls, you will treat someone is that medicare or nothing, and medicare may not
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interfere with you, but it may interfere with the next guy. that is the problem. >> no, not really. medicare does not tell us what hospital to go to, what specialist we can use. it is extraordinarily rare that it never denies a procedure. private insurance does this all the time. we can all side anecdote after an adult with private insurance has done terrible things for patients -- we can all site anecdote after anecdote. greta: i understand that you are in favor of something different being proposed by the president, and the single-payer -- we have soundbites where president obama said earlier in his career that he is in favor of single-payer. have you ever discussed this with the president? >> no, i have not. i have not.
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but i have seen those tapes that showed where he favored it. greg from -- greta: so i take it that youç are a little disappointed that he does not have that same idea anymore. >> yes, i am. if 30% of the costs of health care are for administrative costs because of the private insurance. if we eliminated the private insurance;hp'd at universal medicare, $400 billion -- and had universal medicare. that would cover the uninsured. in my office, 30% of the overhead was for handling the private insurance, two fold- diamond police had just for handling the private insurance. greta: -- two full-time employees just for handling the private insurance. greta: at the cleveland clinic, they were working on that. it might be helpful if you talk
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to the president and the democrats because i know they need all sorts of input, and real doctors are also very helpful, i am sure. go ahead. >> you are welcome. well, i was going to say. this is one of the problems i have. are there any doctors who are working in the trenches that are actually providing information to the white house? or are ithe people writing about people who are working in the trenches? the surgeon general is someone in the trenches, but i do not know if the people involved in health care are the people who have been out there and seeing what i see. greta: and people who are protesting our real patients. they have theç same frustratio. -- are real patients. doctor, thank you, sir. >> you are welcome. greta: up next, if you lie and cheat, yes, you, you will go to
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jail, and you should, but guess çwhat? when some really rich people like and cheat, they do not only not go to jail, they get you to call them -- when some really rich people lie and cheat. and imagine facing 12 years of hard labor, not knowing what tomorrow brings, and then, you get summoned to a meeting, and former president bill clinton is standing there. one of the former detainees, coming up. taking its rightful place
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: this is a fox news alert. clash for clunkers has apparently been saved, adding $2 billion to re-fund the program. senate majority leader harry reid says he has enough votes to extend the program, giving people $4,500 for trading in gas guzzling cars for more fuel- efficient vehicles. we will bring you more information when we get it. and when will it stop? tonight, is general electric. they must think we are all big fools -- it is general electric. the sec just slapped g.e. with a
10:23 pm
fine of $50 million. why? the sec says g.e. misled investors by providing false financial results. a'misled"? are you kidding? nobody in g.e. is getting charged criminally for lying. this is just a civil penalty. but dazzy pace's $50 million fine for lying? the people at the top who did the lying -- but it gets to pay the $50 million? the little guy pays -- but guess who pays the $50 million? this one in rages me. --ç enrages me. the liars and cheats do not pay it. >> the reason every shareholder should be enraged is that the people who were defrauded here were the investors, the pepee who cheated. greta: and they are paying for it.
10:24 pm
>> yes, the people who were cheated are the ones you have to pay for the cry. it is outrageous. i think the people wish to pay these finds -- are the ones you have to pay for the fine. it is outrageous. i think the people who should pay these fines are the ones you did it. greta: where aris our justice department -- the ones who did it. if i'd like, i am going to jail. >> we do not know if they will go after the people -- if i lie, i am going to jail. greta: whether or 90 g.e. denies any responsibility? -- whether or not g.e. denies any responsibility? >> the main point to understand here is what went -- when these
10:25 pm
suits are brought, the people the end up paying are the people who were defrauded. it makes no sense. why are they not going after the accountants who defrauded the shareholders? greta: and this is usually over years, and this is worse. a penalty of $50 million. it gets even worse. according to one newspaper account,ç in order to try to he what they did, they hired lawyers, of course, and i am a lawyer, and they paid $200 million, so now, those who were defrauded are going to pay their own penalty for being defrauded plus $200 million just being hit. >> we do notç know if g.e. was really guilty. in a lot of these cases the legal cost debt so high that the company just says, "look. settle the case."
10:26 pm
greta: i have done that myself, but that is what it is chopped change. $50 million is not chump change -- but that is when it is chump change. >> maybe pages but there is no benefit in winning the case. here is the problem -- maybe they just thought there is no benefit. you have an sec that has an unlimited budget. they can spend whatever they want in terms of going after these companies, so you have one side that has an unlimited budget, and lg may have been looking out for their shareholders -- and g.e. may have been looking out for their shareholders. you do the crime, you do the time. that is just not happening right now. greta: i do not know. there is something when these rich people at the top mislead, it is called misleading and not lying. i would at least of their the an aggressive investigation. >> especially when you consider
10:27 pm
some of these people have made hundreds of millions of dollars in salary -- i would at least hope they would have an aggressive investigation. greta: it is terrible all of way.a: it is terrible all of >> it is a double penalty for the shareholders. greta: indeed. steve, thanks. up next, one of the luckiest journalists in the entire world. imagine how her world has changed in the last 24 hours. plus, a pediatrician and then the police. you will hear it. we report, you decide. garth, you're up. hold on, i'm at picking a photo... for my credit card. here's one from my prom. oh, what memories. how 'bout one from our golf outing? ( shouting ) i know, maybe one of my first-born son. dad, mom says the boys gotta go.
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[applause] greta: the two american journalists are back on american soil after beingç held by north korea since march after being convicted of grave crimes and sentenced them 12 years to a hard labor camp. they were parted, and former president bill clinton met with dear leader kim jong-il. lauraç ling. >> hours ago, euan lee and i were prisoners in north korea. we feared that any moment, we could be said to a hard labor camp. and then, -- we could be sent to a hard labor camp. and then, we were suddenly told we were going to a meeting.
10:32 pm
we were taken to location, and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. [applause] we were shocked. but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. to our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and to the complete strangers with the kindest heart s who showed us so much love and sent us so many positive
10:33 pm
thoughts and energy, we thank you. we could feel yourç love all te way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. it is what sustained our faith that we would come home. the past 140ç days have been te most difficult, hard wrenching time of our lives. we are very grateful -- heart wrenching time of our lives. we are grateful that we were granted amnesty by the government of north korea, and we are happy to be home. greta: her sister is ecstatic to have her home. lisa ling. >> this is the happiest day of our lives. we have been waiting for it to happen for 140 days, and we could not be happier or more grateful to the government and
10:34 pm
everyone who worked so hard to get them home. >> you had no idea that president clinton was over there, that hopes were high, and that you thought this would probably be the moment? >> we felt so grateful that president clinton agreed to go get laura and eua. it was an arduous journey, and we are grateful -- and euna. >> how is she? >> she is weak, so we are going to stop for with food that she loves and just love her. -- stomper -- stuff her with food. they spent 12 years working to buy a house, and she has now spent more time in north korea that she has in her house, so they will come to enjoy it and each other. greta: joining us is the author of a book, gordon, and we certainly know what was in it for us.
10:35 pm
what was in it for the north koreans? we got two of our journalists home. >> they got this great photo opportunities, the one of kim jong il standing nextç to bill clinton, and the other with kim jong il with his finger in the air, and lecturing bill clinton and the delegation, because here is the great leader telling the americans off. that is priceless for mr. kim. greta: i cannot imagine -- they are so isolated. çhow could that possibly have y sort of influence anyplace. everybody knows that the americans haven't least trying to get them to put down their nuclear plants or programs -- have at least been trying to get them to put down their nuclear plans. >> we also had a great fun opportunity, too, and that was the two reporters coming back --
10:36 pm
we also had a great photo opportunity. that is because americans protect our citizens. i think it is really important that people see the essence of america, and today, we look great. greta: it was important to noted that this was not an air force plane, so it did not look like a government mission of any sort. are there any sort of fingerprints from the president obama administration on this other than the green light that the president could go? >> this was all a precooked deal, as ambassador bolton has said. there have been intensive discussions between the obama administration and the north korean in new york, in washington, and through the swedish embassy, so, clearly, this was not president clinton freelancing on his own, which is what jimmy carter did on his own in a previous year. president clinton just followed
10:37 pm
the script. greta: is there any chance that this could be anything good? i mean,ç it is obviously good that the two journalists are home. maybe we will get lucky and work out some of the things we could not and get strong commitments and a real end to the program put >> the one man, -- and a real and to the program? ç>> we have got to remember tht this was not a gesture of friendship -- and a real and to the program -- end to the program. as it went on, people saw how evil this regime was, so clearly they want is to offload the two reporters, and they found a way to do so. it will be just as difficult as it has been over the six decades dealing with the north koreans. greta: what i would see is somewhat of a grand gesture -- we have been lucky on this show to travel to north korea, and we
10:38 pm
got our two journalists back, but there is the pueblo, the ship they are still holding from 1968, a big trophy, and it is eye-popping seeing our naval ships there in their harbor, but if they returned our ship, -- seeing our naval ship their in their harbor. >> they took the pueblo from international waters. they shot down a nato reconnaissance plane a few years later. the greatest loss of american life during the cold war. -- they shot down a naval reconnaissance plane. yesterday, president clinton apologized, in effect, to the north koreans, and that is how we got back our two reporters. greta: usenet "apologize, in effect." somebody may say it as an apology -- you said, "apologize, in effect."
10:39 pm
ì(lc@&c+ word "regret" and that he was sorry for what had happened. we have a number of ways to say i am sorry but not exactly, and that was enough for kim jong il. this was a terrible thing for the united states to do, but we had to do itç to get our reporters back. greta: let's see if we can get our prep blowback. viewers, if you do not know about it, look at -- get our prep blowback -- get our pueblo back. we report, you decide. ?
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now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. >> i am ainsley earhardt, and the weekly jobless claims could challenge wall street tomorrow. the sales numbers may show that sabres are shopping. they are expected to have a sales dipped of about 5% in july. the cash for clunkers program may be partly to blame -- a sales dip. people bought cars instead of clothing last month. we willç also see how many peoe lost their jobs. wall street tumbled today. stocks may reacted edgemar on- word about thisç friday's labor report.
10:44 pm
those numbers are expected to show employers slashed another 300,000 jobs last month, raising the unemployment rate to 9.7% -- stocks may react negatively again on were tomorrow. greta: president obama has a problem with us, yes, us, cable news, and the president is not shy about it. >> there are a number of people out there looking to defend the status quo. there are those who want to seek political advantage. they want to oppose these efforts. some of them caused the problems we have in the first place, and suddenly, and they are blaming others for it. they do not want to be confronted. they do not want to be constructive. they just want to get into the usual political fights back and forth, and sometimes that is fed by all of the cable chapter in the media. greta: well, this is something to consider -- all of the table chatter.
10:45 pm
-- cable chatter. what about accusing pediatricians of unnecessarily removing tonsils? >> it is pretty shocking. here is a guy with relatively little experience in anything whenç he became president, ande became president largely with a compliant and fawning media. the first time they show any resistance at all, and that is us, the press, and, again, we are the ones that got him elected, that is biting the hand that feeds you. greta: we are tough and rough, and it is the mediaïsç job to rough up the politicians. i am more surprised that he allows the white house to rough up the voters, posted on that white house blog that there is something fishy about the protests. >> one person that i have known for a long time, one of the more than one dozen journalists that
10:46 pm
have gone to work for this administration, shameful i think to go from people whose job is to seek and uphold the truth to be those who are -- for the president. this is what really bothers me about what he is saying. "do not argue." "i am doing the right thing. i am right. go along with this. somehow, it is immoral for you to debate this program." people want to get to the bottom of what you are proposing. let's talk about that. "know, you cannot. you dijust want to fight on television." greta: nobody has read it. it is insane to go out there and tell people they should accwpt it when nobody knows what it is, and it is incomprehensible. it may ultimately be a great idea, but who in the world would know? >> nobody knows, and it is our
10:47 pm
job to find out and to throw it çout there for the rest of the millions of americans that are watching to see if we, corporan, as the country, think this is the step to take -- or poorly. -- corporan lee, as the country, think this is the step to take -- corporately. he is trying to short circuit the process and say if you're arguing about this, that is somehow illegitimate and wrong. he has some a crushed dissent, and i do not know what the press, which is in the dissent business, why they are not saying, "stop. we are going to examine what you're saying, and we are going to make you accountable for it. greta: i do not understand it. i understand some of the basic ideas of it, but the things that have to be implemented to make it work, even they are not laid
10:48 pm
out effectively in the bill, or nobody has effectively exploited, or i am a driveling india, which could be dr.$(lc@&+ they have not explained it. -- or i m&a driveling idiot, which could be true. -- or i am a driveling india. >> this president is the most gifted communicator in my lifetime -- idiot. çhe has the ability to explain do. greta: you are right. he is acting like a know what all and that we should just accept it, and that is the problem. -- he is acting like a know it all. >> i think he has overreached. i think this will be a very bad summer for barack obama. greta: tucker, thank you. up next, the best of the rest. that is tucker's favorite segments. what do you keep in your freezer? lots of money? plus, check out this video.
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greta: you haveç seen our top stories, but here is the best of
10:53 pm
the rest. when someone has $90,000 cash in his freezer, there is a good chance that something good is not going on, and william jerson, a former congressman, was found guilty. he was accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes in exchange for using his office to promote businesses in africa. the fbi not only raided his house but his freezer, finding $90,000 in the freezer, cold, hard cash. watch this time-lapse video. this is people using cups of coffee to recreate one of the most famous paintings. it took 564 plates of milk. it measures 20 feet long, 13 feet wide. can you tell what it is? yes, it is "the mona lisa." where guesting the bengie did not have this in mind years ago. -- we are guessing the vinci --
10:54 pm
davinci did not have this in mind. and somewhere in massachusetts, a couple of people are on the loose. a bottle of wine were $20,000 it was in 1945 chateau mouton- rothschild. now, if you're interested in buying it for yourself, fear not. the thieves returned it to the store unopened. a tipster recognized one of the suspects and then actingç as somewhat of a why negotiator had it returned. the suspects are still -- acting as somewhat of a wine negotiator. and still ahead, one last call before we turn down the lights. president obama, vice-president biden, and the iranian president.
10:55 pm
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greta: 11:00 is almost here.
10:59 pm
flash the studio lights. you think they threw aç party when vice-president biden took office? conan o'brien probably did. >> the white house said president obama will not, will not, call president obama mahmoud ahmadinejad to congratulateç him on his election. joe biden will call. [laughter] greta: well, the vice president can call us anytime he wants. we are here every single night. that is your last call. the lights are blinking, and we are closing down shot. we will see you tomorrow. do not forget. go to to blog. there are people you can debate with. there is a lot going on anyway, bill o'reilly is next. make sure you stick around for bill o're
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